"Once in a while it really hits poeple
that they don't have to experience the
world in the way they have been told."
- Alan Keightly


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La Monnaie is the main theatre in Brussels, it is home to the National Opera of Belgium.
The Grand Place is Brussels central market square and one of its biggest tourist attractions.
More buildings of the Grand Place. The city's Town Hall (on the left) is located within this square.
Manneken Pis (translation, little man pee) is a bronze fountain just outside the Grand Place. Depending on the occasion he is dressed in one of his hundreds of costumes.
The Brussels Palace of Justice, or Court House, construction finished in 1883 (perhaps this is why it is undergoing some major restoration work).
The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the King of Belgians. However, the Royal Family does not currently dwell here.
Exterior of St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral. Located on Treurenberg Hill.
Interior of St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral.
Town Hall (Grand Place) at night!
An office building in downtown Brussels. Brussels is home to the head offices of many major European and International Companies. Brussels is also the heart of the European Union (EU) parliament and offices