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A horse stable in new Bern, it was formely part of the military barracks.
Looking down on old Bern from the Rose Garden. The river Aare is in the foreground.
Barengraben, or bear pit, is part of the Bern Zoo and is a main tourist attraction.
A Bernese Bear; in the bear pit. The city of Bern is named after this type of bear.
The city of Bern is home to several dozen statues, like the one seen above. They are located in the Old City, where only specified cars are allowed to drive.
This funicular is located behind the parliament buildings and is one of the shortest funiculars in the world.
The Munster is a Gothic cathedral in the old city. The main tower is the tallest in Switzerland at 100m.
A Gothic sculpture on the front of the Munster. It represents the Christian belief in a Last Judgment.
The Federal Palace of Switzerland (Bundeshaus) currently undergoing some major exterior renovations.
The Zytgloggle, a medieval clock located in the centre of old Bern. It has acted as a guard tower and prison. This is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.